The Yamoransa Model Vision Screening



January 25, 2022

The Yamoransa Model Vision Screening project is an initiative to provide eye care solutions to communities. It is managed by the IMPLEMENTERS team and funded by the Helping Africa and Friends of Yamoransa Foundations. 

Just like any project managed by IMPLEMENTERS, the team initially carries out a needs assessment to determine the need in the community in order to design effective solutions for them. The team has successfully managed the pilot project of the Yamoransa Model Vision Screening initiative which was held in Yamoransa; the town of its origin. This pilot project was aimed at test screening 100 members of the Yamoransa Community to prepare for an actual vision screening project which would screen a much larger number. 

The team collaborated with several service providers to ensure that the project was carried out successfully; ranging from foundations, hospitals, ophthalmologists and medical assistants. The local health directorate was also involved in the process to ensure that the requirements needed to carry out such a project was met. Several meetings occurred from the start of the project until it was carried out in the community to ensure the practices were followed.

The project initially aimed at screening both aged and children in the ratio of  60:40. However, 105 participants showed up to partake in the event; 78 aged and 27 children. At the end of the event, over 50 participants were given glasses ranging from readers and U-see lenses to assist them with their eyesight. Over 40 participants were also given medications to treat their basic eye problems. Also, over 20 participants were referred to the University of Cape Coast Hospital for further help. 

The team successfully managed this pilot project to make way for many projects under the Yamoransa Model Vision Screening initiative. 

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