What We Do

We are a project management non-profit that partners with charitable organisations, philanthropists and corporate institutions to positively impact communities. Hence, we provide development management services.

Development Management involves managing social development projects. Hence as professional project managers, we ensure to abide by all standards and best practices instituted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

According to PMI standards, a project ends when the deliverable is handed over to the initiating organization or project beneficiaries. However, our speciality is to continue to measure the impact it brings to society after handing over to these project beneficiaries. We design programs and modules that help to continually guarantee project sustainability. This is an outstanding feature in our services.

Our Services

We partner with Corporate Institutions, Entrepreneurs, Charitable Organisations and Individuals to promote and improve social development through:

Development Partnership

As a development management organization, IMPLEMENTERS strategically manages social development in communities. Hence, we work with foundations, non-profits, philanthropists, and individuals under a development partnership service to support social development.

By partnering with us, our clients show that they believe in making a great impact on society and do not compromise on the quality of the results.

We work with corporate institutions and entrepreneurs to undertake their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) as a corporate philanthropy service. We facilitate the processes involved in carrying out social projects to fulfill their responsibilities.

We believe in the importance of societal change and also the role corporate institutions have to play in improving society.

What We Do Best

Our Expertise

We are all about effectively solving the problems of society. Think about that school with a no longer relevant library because the students do not patronize it. These circumstances of project failures can be avoided by a thorough needs assessment process.  We take it upon ourselves to determine the needs or gaps between our client’s current state and what they ultimately want and provide their best-fit recommendations.

We specialise in bringing our clients’ dreams, visions and plans to live. This is where we implement our carefully drawn plans to suit our clients and stakeholders needs and expectations. In a logical conclusion, we execute after considering all constraints of any project. 

As Development Project Managers, we hold quality assurance, monitoring and controlling in high esteem and would stop at nothing but the best results for our clients.

We believe in measuring the reach and importance of our work. Hence, we continue to monitor a project after its end to determine its impact on society as well as how to maximize its impact. 

A structured process is initiated to consider all implications for people and their environment, as well as proposed actions available to improve or modify our projects. We analyze the results, project reach and new developments to determine the project impact on society

We don’t leave out our clients who have doubts on what choices to make in providing social development support. We provide advisory services on making the best choices by analyzing our clients wants and needs. We ensure to relay their utmost potential while abiding by best practices and principles to achieve their goal. 

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know which way to go in providing social development support. We got you covered. We provide a step-by-step analysis on the available options and resources in order to arrive at the best choice for all.