Development Partnership Service

As a development management organization, IMPLEMENTERS strategically manages social development in communities. Hence, we work with foundations, non-profits, philanthropists, and individuals under a development partnership service to support social development.

By partnering with us, our clients show that they believe in making a great impact on society and do not compromise on the quality of the results. Our project management processes and modules used in managing social development projects include identification of the need at the basic level through monitoring and evaluation of results and assessing its impact on society as the final step. We work with these modules in order to support sustainable development goals.

We have successfully undertaken projects in education and health and livelihoods over the past few years by working hand in hand with foundations such as Helping Africa Foundation (HAF) and Friends of Yamoransa Foundation (FYF).

Over the past years, we have successfully managed 5 Educational and ICT Projects that have led to deployed 5 ICT Centers in five regions in Ghana. Our role in managing these projects has ensured to enforce ICT literacy and practice for the average Ghanaian student.

We have also managed some community health projects in vision screening that have led to some positive impact in the beneficiary community. We sought to improve eye care sensitization for the average Ghanaian by strategically implementing these projects.