Makerspace Refresher Training for 17 Managers of the YM Labs



January 25, 2022

As part of our effort to ensure the efficient and sustainable management of the Yamoransa Model Labs Program, IMPLEMENTERS organised a Makerspace Refresher Training for 17 Center Managers of the Yamoransa Model Labs on behalf of the Helping Africa Foundation. 

Through our impact assessment, we noted that there was a need for the Center Managers to receive refresher training to ensure there is maximum use of the YM Labs as technology advances. The training brought together all the centre managers across 8 regions of Ghana.

The Makerspace Refresher Training was organized at the Yamoransa Model Resource Center (YMRC). The training encompassed  Legos & Robotics, Arduino Programming, AR/VR and 3D Design and Printing over a 5-day period from September 13th – 17th, 2021.

The teachers who are Center Managers were divided into groups and were given practical training including challenges and group projects as a form of assessment.

It is our aim that the trained Center Managers will also train students and other teachers in their catchment area to advance the ICT literacy of the YM project.

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