Unlocking Potential for Sustainable Future

Our key focus area for this year is Youth Empowerment, recognizing the immense potential and talent within the younger generation. Through our flagship initiative, the Sustainable Youth Empowerment Project (SYEP), we aim to equip final-year tertiary students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to thrive in today’s competitive world.

Sustainable Youth Empowerment Project (SYEP):

SYEP follows a three-phased approach to maximize its impact. Phase 1 begins with a capacity-building conference, connecting over 5,000 students with industry players and offering valuable insights into job readiness, internships, and national service opportunities. Phase 2 selects 50 outstanding students for an intensive boot camp, where they receive tailored mentorship and preparation for either employment or entrepreneurship. Finally, Phase 3 focuses on facilitating the rollout of entrepreneurial projects and securing direct employment opportunities for the remaining students.

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, SYEP directly addresses the need to enhance youth employability and promote entrepreneurship. By providing practical experiences, mentorship, and networking opportunities, SYEP not only increases the chances of direct employment for students but also inspires and nurtures future entrepreneurs. The program’s comprehensive approach fosters diversity and inclusion, supports talented individuals, and contributes to both personal growth and economic development.

SYEP’s impact is far-reaching. By holding capacity-building conferences twice a year, we create an extensive network between students and industry experts, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange. The boot camp empowers selected students with the necessary skills and knowledge, boosting their employability and potential for entrepreneurship. The program’s overall benefits extend beyond individuals, strengthening the workforce, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth.

By investing in youth empowerment through SYEP, we are paving the way for a brighter future, where young individuals can unlock their full potential, contribute to the economy, and drive sustainable development in line with SDG 8.