Yamoransa Model Vision Screening Program

The Yamoransa Model Vision Screening program is a vision screening program aimed at providing eye care solutions for people with vision challenges and issues in local communities in Ghana. We as the project managers of this program, ensure that each project carried out in this program ensures impact after its end.

The program, with only its pilot project, rolled out, has proven effective with tremendous impact to people with eyesight challenges. Through our strategic management skills, this pilot project was carried as a test to determine the varied types and classes of the case to come across while managing this project in a specified community. Feedback from cases received in this test is documented and contributed to subsequent projects. This program is managed in a collaborative team effort with the funders, Helping Africa & Friends of Yamoransa Foundations.

Impact Statistics

  • The pilot project tested about 105 participants in Yamoransa, Cape Coast.
  • The age group distribution in the participants was 70 elderly and 35 children.
  • At the end of the test, Readers and U-see lenses were given to participants who needed them.
  • Medications were given to those who required them. Doctor referrals were also made for those with special cases.
  • The project was successful in that it has been set to be carried out annually in specific communities to develop a program.