Yamoransa Model Labs Program

The Yamoransa Model Labs Program, a program focused on supporting communities with educational labs in Ghana, is managed by IMPLEMENTERS. The educational labs contain computer labs equipped with many educational and multimedia content, as well as maker spaces which contain Robotics and AR/VR tech gadgets aimed at facilitating STEM (Science, English, Technology and Mathematics) education. The program currently has 5 educational labs in 5 regions –¬† Central, Greater Accra, Ashanti, Northern and Eastern regions of Ghana.

We work with the funders, Helping Africa & Friends of Yamoransa Foundations, to manage this program. This is carried out through our carefully designed systematic framework and a collaborative team effort to ensure desired results that guarantee sustainable impact.

The initiating process of managing any project comprised in this program begins with an identified need in the requesting community – which in this case is an educational lab. This discovery leads to a needs assessment approach to design curated solutions for the community. These solutions are then implemented as the next stage of our framework. We continue to monitor the project after its successful implementation to ensure it fits all aspects of the initially identified need. The project ends officially after the lab is completed and opened for use. However, our speciality involves continuing to assess the impact brought about by the project. Hence, we continue to measure the statistics of usage and other related functionalities of the lab.

Impact Statistics

  • Educational labs being utilized by over 10,000 students in 5 regions across the country.
  • Utilized as a learning and practice hub for students and teachers for various activities i.e workshops & training centers, quizzes & competitions hub, etc.
  • Effectiveness of learning resource materials drives high traffic and patronage to the centers.
  • Inclusion of Makerspaces promotes 3D, AR/VR and Robotics learning in these centers.